SMIT launches a study on the attractiveness of the Fez-Meknes region

In order to promote the destination Fez-Meknes at the international level, the Moroccan Company of Tourist Engineering (SMIT) has just launched a study for the improvement of the attractiveness of the tourist investment of this region.

With a budget of more than 2 million dirhams, this study will focus on a diagnosis of the region’s potential and the current state of investment in the tourism and cultural fields. The diagnosis will serve as a basis for a new strategy to attract national and international investors.   
By 2035, the SMIT wants to make this region a relay of the destination Marrakech, both in terms of tourist attraction and destination of investments in this field. The region has several arguments to put forward, including the material heritage of the two cities, the identity and authenticity of these destinations, and the complementarity that can be played with the surroundings, such as Ifrane for example.

      Through this new strategy, SMIT wants to attract the big names in the hotel, restaurant and other cultural and artistic activities, which would make it a cultural and tourist pole capable of competing not only with other classic destinations such as Marrakech and Tangier, but also with the top European tourist destinations.

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