Drinking water crisis in Casablanca

Casablanca will be affected by a decrease in the flow of drinking water from December. Lydec will implement this measure in accordance with the plan undertaken by the City Council to manage available water resources.

The delegatee has not specified which areas will be targeted by these measures, calling on citizens to be rational. In view of the alarming situation of water reserves in dams and the lack of rainfall on the horizon, this measure is essential.

That said, the company is calling on the residents of the R+5 buildings to control their pumps, in order to guarantee access to water for the apartments on the upper floors.

The region of Casablanca-Settat provides an action plan as part of the fight against climate change, involving the creation of 40 small and medium desalination units, the rehabilitation of 7 wetlands and important biological and environmental sites, and the rehabilitation of 3 forests.

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