Lack of rains: fruit and vegetable prices continue to soar

Rainfall is lagging behind in Morocco. This situation has a direct impact on the price of fruits and vegetables in the Kingdom’s markets, at a time when purchasing power is not keeping up.

The Site info has made a tour in some markets, where we could see that the price of vegetables has increased in general. Potatoes are currently at 7 dh/kg, onions at 9 dh, 8 dh for peppers and eggplant, peas at 13dh, while carrots and turnips are at 5 and 6 dirhams.

When asked about this situation, a professional told us that some citizens can no longer buy vegetables at this stage. The lack of rainfall and the drop in water levels in the dams have greatly impacted the Kingdom’s agricultural activity. In addition, the lack of control at some markets has led merchants to apply fairly substantial profit margins, which does not help matters.

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