On the Web: Only 1% of children reveal embarrassment

The head of the Council of Europe office in Morocco, Carmen Morte Gomez, highlights the steps taken by Morocco to “protect children and their right of access to information”.

30% of children and youth have experienced problems related to safety on the Internet. Also, 25% of the children have recourse to their parents or managers in administration in case of difficulties in this context. However, only 1% have turned to their teachers for help. The figures emerging from a study on the behavior of children online are specified, Thursday in Rabat, by Youssef Bentaleb, President of the Moroccan Center for Polytechnic Research and Innovation (CMRPI), initiator, with major partners, the national campaign against cyber-violence and cyber-stalking which is in its 2nd edition. The opportunity for him to review the achievements of this center in collaboration with these stakeholders.

The manager, who believes that international statistics confirm the findings based on these figures, speaks about the platforms created by the center he oversees. This is the case of a portal dedicated in 2021 to the deletion of digital content of a sexual nature. “380 contents have been deleted,” he says, revealing the training of teachers, with the Ministry of Education, in various cities including Rabat and Marrakech. As for this campaign, it begins, according to him, with children and youth. A campaign that the Acting Secretary General of the Ministry of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, Sarah Lamrani, finds, however, “insufficient”. “It is necessary to consolidate the legal system,” she says, recalling the efforts already made in this regard. In his view it is a matter of “ensuring to diversify this initiative and other actions with other partners.”

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