Tragedy . A young man from Benslimane drowned, lost his two sons and his pregnant wife after an attempt at illegal immigration

The inhabitants of Dar Mekzaz, in the commune of Al-Turabia Mansouria, Benslimane province, are in shock following the death of a young man who drowned after trying to migrate to the other side.

This young man attempted to emigrate with his pregnant wife and two sons, along with a number of young men from the same traffic circle.

However, their fate is still unknown, except for this young man whose body was dumped off Tangier in the middle of the week. And the perisher, he was moving with his small family in the area of Al-Fatah of the Trabia community of Bani Yakhlef.

The families and friends of the victims do not exclude that the boat capsizes and all drown in a new drama, because they ask the authorities to know their fate.

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