Kenitra / Graffiti: A fresco in celebration of an episode in Moroccan-Polish history

The contemporary history of Poland is associated with the painful events of the Second World War, due to the dramatic consequences it suffered. This shows how important the commemorations related to the Second World War are for this country, which wants this year to evoke a common page written with Morocco in this conflict, through a beautiful initiative of its embassy. Martyr of the conflict, Poland wanted to join the commemorations related to the 80th anniversary of the Allied landing in North Africa in November 1942.

On this occasion, the team of the Polish embassy is involved in the realization of a large mural in the city of Kenitra. A realization that will be carried out during this month of December. It should also be noted that Poland has distinguished itself by its significant participation in the program Jidar Rabat Street Art Festival.

At the time of writing, several murals testify to this approach of artistic complicity between the administrative capital of the Kingdom and Warsaw.

In addition, we recall that a few months ago, the Morocco-Poland Parliamentary Friendship Group welcomed the positive dynamics underway between the two countries in several sectors, including artistic and economic.

During a working meeting in the lower house of the Polish Parliament with the Moroccan ambassador in Warsaw, Abderrahim Atmoun, members of the friendship group welcomed the upward momentum of bilateral relations, including through the results of the last Polish economic mission, held last September in the Kingdom.

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