Mohammedia: Huge explosion of gas deposits

The city of Mohammedia has witnessed successive strong explosions due to the outbreak of a fire described as “dangerous” in some gas depots. 

The explosions took place in deposits located in the area of “the Cliff” in Mohammedia. An area that is near the port of the city.  Several videos taken by eyewitnesses show the scene of the explosion that caused panic among residents of buildings around the area.    
Sources at the scene report that the accident started with a sudden gas leak, before the escaped gas turned into large flames rising into the sky. They also said that the residents of Marsa began in the early evening to cry for help, in panic, because of the smell of foul gas that was released at full speed.

While the security and civil protection authorities mobilized their elements to control the fire, explosions broke out and the fire doubled in size and area.

Contacted by L’Opinion two hours later, elements of the civil protection say that the fire has been controlled to 70%, around 21:00.

The civil protection units are trying, at the writing of these lines, to contain the flames, and to draw up the inventory of the final losses of this fire, which witnesses have described as “exceptional and dangerous”. 

As operations are ongoing, it is difficult to report on the damage at this time. 

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