After the World Cup, Regragui apologizes to a Moroccan player

The national coach, Walid Regragui, expressed his wish to organize a meeting. He explained that he has not yet had enough time to meet the two brothers Samy and Ryan Mmaee Nwabeben Kabir.

As a reminder, the coach of the Atlas Lions had to do without the services of the two brothers during the World Cup Qatar 2022, for technical reasons that he deemed appropriate in their time. However, in a statement to the weekly “Al Mountakhab”, Regragui said that Samy and Ryan still have their place in the Atlas Lions and will be recalled to wear the jersey of the national team again.

“Samy and Ryan, please accept my apologies! I intend to call Samy and explain to him the reasons why he was not present with us during the World Cup”, Regragui confessed. He also added that before the World Cup, he did not have time to contact the two brothers, but that he intends to do so soon.

 “May anyone to whom I may have done wrong please forgive me! But I had to do so for the good of the selection,” humbly conceded the great man who is the young and competent coach of the Atlas Lions, Walid Regragui.

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