Morocco/Mexico: The Kingdom deploys its presence through a consulate and an automotive plant in Yucatán

The deputy said that the diplomatic relationship with the Moroccan consulate will bring many benefits to the state of Yucatan, since the Kingdom would like to make, through its embassy, a donation of four tons of phosphate, fertilizer used by Mexican farmers, whose cost has increased due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Regarding the opening of the consulate, the deputy explained that the advancement of this relationship will be under the impetus of HM King Mohammed VI, who, once his instructions given, the process of consultation and communication with the Yucatecan and federal authorities will begin, “which, she said, would seal a very important alliance,” especially since Moroccan investors intend to build a factory in the state.

Regarding this last point, Federica Quijano stressed that the plant would be specialized in the automotive sector, because “there is not a single car that does not have a Moroccan part”, in addition to the fact that this plant would bring benefits to Yucatecs with the generation of jobs. The company could be established in the municipality of Samahil, but it is a project in gestation.

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