Marrakech: new developments in the case of the cab driver who swindled a tourist

The police in Marrakech arrested on Wednesday the taximan who had swindled a famous British youtuber. Simon Wilson, who went to the Kingdom to watch the Morocco-Portugal match, paid 350 dirhams for a ride from Marrakech airport to the city center.

According to a reliable source of Le Site info, the respondent has been placed in custody as part of the investigation conducted under the supervision of the competent prosecutor, to determine the exact circumstances of this case.

As a reminder, in a video shared via his YouTube account, Wilson asks how much a ride downtown will cost him, to which the driver responds, ʺit will cost you 325 dirhams. But it would be generous of you to give me 350dhʺ.

The youtuber did not hesitate to denounce this attempted scam and the video was viewed more than 342,000 times on YouTube, which led the authorities to withdraw the cab driver’s license.

Note that the price of a race from the airport to Jamaâ El Fna is set at 70 dirhams for small cabs and 100dh for large cabs.

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