Military service: The 2023 census operation officially launched

29,013 is the number of young women who have volunteered for military service, which is more than 16% of the total number of young people registered.


The census operation relating to military service for 2023 was launched Wednesday to end February 25. The Minister of the Interior had invited, in a statement, the young people who will receive themselves a notice from the local administrative authorities, or through a member of their families, to fill out the census form via the site “” and this from the beginning of the census operation on December 28. The 2023 military service represents an opportunity for young people wishing to develop their knowledge and professional skills in order to integrate the labor market and social life. According to data from the census on military service for the current year, this operation is experiencing a great enthusiasm from young people, especially women. The number of young people who have completed the census procedures relating to military service for 2022 has been established at 178,166.

The number of young women who volunteered for military service reached, according to the same data, 29,013, or more than 16% of all young people registered. The military service is an initiative that embodies the spirit of responsibility and citizenship of young Moroccan men and women, to strengthen their belonging to the fatherland and the defense of its higher interests.

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