Grain imports: Ukrainian grain ship expected in Morocco

Morocco is among the countries of destination of the cargoes of 12 freighters that have left Ukrainian ports, loaded with corn, wheat, soybeans and sunflower meal, said Friday, January 13, the Ukrainian media.

“On Friday, 12 ships left Ukrainian ports. They are carrying a total of 346,356 tons of grain and other foodstuffs under the Black Sea Grain Initiative,” they said.

The cargo ship Lady Hatice is carrying 11,000 tons of sunflower meal to Morocco, two cargo ships Cuma (70,799 tons of corn) and Georgia T (61,252 tons of sunflower meal) are heading to China, while two other ships Solar (37,205 tons of wheat) and Bosphorus King (25,000 tons of corn) are heading to Italy.

Two other cargo ships Rio (8.5 thousand tons of wheat) and Umit G (4.3 thousand tons of wheat) are headed for Greece. The ship Papua will deliver 29,300 tons of soybeans to the Netherlands, the cargo ship Cape Scott – 28,000 tons of corn to Portugal and the New Faith – 26,500 tons of corn to Spain. In addition, two vessels Garnet (33,000 tons of corn) and Muzaffer Ana (11,500 tons of soybeans) are heading to Turkey.

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