Canary Islands President soon in Morocco

In the press conference held after the Board of Governors, Pérez said that these trips had been postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic, although they had been planned previously.

He also said that the date of this visit is not yet set, knowing that it will not coincide with the high-level meeting that Spain and Morocco will hold on February 1 and 2, a type of meeting that the autonomies do not attend, he stressed.

Julio Pérez said that the Canary delegation that will go to Morocco will include representatives of companies from the islands.

Regarding the issues that will be on the agenda at this upcoming meeting, he referred to several issues, in addition to the thorny issue of the delimitation of maritime space.

Thus, Pérez said that President Torres intends to bring to Morocco an agenda with issues related to trade relations, fishing issues and improving communications between the two territories .

Pérez said that the Canary Islands government intends to contribute to the prosperity and progress of its neighbors and establish good neighborly relations in areas such as research, education, construction or tourism.

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