Casablanca: An abandoned vehicle is No Danger

A special security protocol related to suspicious materials was triggered by the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN), this Friday, January 13, after spotting a black car abandoned by its owner near the boulevard of Anfa in Casablanca, said a statement from the police headquarters of the city.

After having been thoroughly examined by the dog squad with the help of trained police dogs and explosives detection equipment, it was found, according to the same source, that the vehicle was not carrying any suspicious material and therefore posed no threat to the safety of people and property.

Moreover, the investigations conducted have identified the owner of the vehicle who left the scene immediately after abandoning it on site, says the statement which specifies that the suspect was located and then arrested at the home of his family.

According to preliminary investigation and statements of family members, the person in question is under treatment due to mental illness, concludes the statement of the police headquarters of Casablanca.

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