Tangier / Environment : The Plastic Odyssey makes a stopover

The boat, a floating laboratory dedicated to the fight against plastic pollution, is currently on a three-year world tour that will take it from the Mediterranean to the Pacific via the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

“We are convinced that to fight against plastic pollution at sea, we must start by acting on land,” explained the president and co-founder of the organization Plastic Odyssey, Simon Bernard, during a meeting with the press, held Friday in the port of Tangier.

The boat is a demonstrator of simple and proven solutions for the recovery and reuse of plastic as the manufacture of tiles, paving stones and bricks for construction, pallets for transporting goods or furniture, so many trees saved, said Bernard.

In Tangier, the Plastic Odyssey is expected to host a group of local entrepreneurs with the goal of educating them about the recovery and reuse of plastic. These entrepreneurs will be sponsored and monitored as part of a dedicated community. The boat is carrying a series of machines and tools for reusing and working with plastic, including a shredder and an extruder. Visitors will be able to see these machines in action firsthand and be inspired to start recycling businesses.

“There is no magic solution, the fight against the proliferation of plastic in the sea requires the reduction of its consumption,” said Maïté Abos, head of awareness at Plastic Odyssey. To achieve this, the research ship welcomes several hundred visitors during each of its stopovers. This will be the case during its stay in Tangier where more than 600 pupils and students will be able to visit it.

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