Inezgane: a woman dies after a traditional abortion

The elements of the national brigade of the judicial police of Inezgane referred Tuesday four people to the prosecutor’s office for an abortion that turned into a drama.

They are two women, a doctor who owns a private clinic, in addition to a fourth person whose function has not been specified. All four are suspected of involvement in a case related to the submission of a woman to an abortion that resulted in her death, said the Directorate General of National Security (DSGN) in a statement issued Tuesday. 

A judicial investigation has been opened by the police to determine the exact circumstances of his death. According to the DGSN, the victim died immediately after his arrival last Saturday, in critical condition, at the hospital in the city of Inezgane.

According to the preliminary investigation, she underwent an illegal abortion outside the hospital, before being transferred to this hospital facility, after her health deteriorated.

Investigations have shown that the main suspect is involved in the practice of an abortion in the traditional way on the victim. The operation took place inside a house in the city of Inezgane, at the request of one of the suspects, through the third woman arrested, explains the DGSN.

The victim was then transported to a medical clinic owned by the arrested doctor, as her health condition had deteriorated. She died after being transferred to the local hospital.

The three suspects were taken into custody, while the doctor is under judicial investigation under the supervision of the competent prosecutor.

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