Marrakech: kick-off of the sixth edition of the Mohammed VI International Boxing Trophy

According to the Royal Moroccan Federation of Boxing, 25 Moroccan pugilists, including 12 boxers, will defend the national colors in this prestigious tournament, in its sixth edition.

The opening ceremony, highlighted by the presence of the Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa and other important figures, was marked by the presentation and the parade of the participating delegations as well as an artistic show given by the Moroccan singer Hatim Ammor.

On this occasion, Benmoussa made a word of welcome to the participants before announcing the official opening of this tournament.

The women’s national team is composed of Yassmine Mouttaki (- 48 KG), Rabab Chedar (- 50 KG), Al Azami (- 52 KG), Bertal Widad (- 54 KG), Hannabou (- 57 KG), Radi Chaimaa (- 60 KG), Amine Nissrine (- 63 KG), Mouna Toutir (- 66 KG), Taoussi Houda (- 70 KG), Aboulatifa Fatima Azzahra (- 75 KG), Felgata (- 81 KG) and Khadija Mardi (+ 81 KG).

The men’s national team is for its part, formed of Essadi (- 48 KG), Mortaji (- 51 KG), Imad (- 54 KG), Semghouli (- 57 KG), Mohamed Hammout (- 60 KG), Nadir (- 63 KG), Oussama Rabii (- 67 kg), Hamza Barbari (- 71 KG), Mohamed Rabii (- 75 KG), Assaghir (- 80 KG), Harnouf (- 86 KG), Karim Maatallah (- 92 KG) and Frisse (+ 92 KG).

Placed under the High Patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, this prestigious tournament knows the participation of more than 200 boxers and international boxers from 36 countries, including Morocco, host country. In the same vein, the 200 boxers and international boxers will compete first in an elimination phase to be finalist, all categories combined, namely 13 categories men and 12 categories women.

Here are the results of the fights of this first day:

Women: 70-75 kg: Shamonova Anastasiia (Russia) beats Parker Caitlin Anne (Australia)
63-66 kg Ryabets Nadezhda (Kazakhstan) beats Mouna Toutir (Morocco)
70-75 kg Khalzova Valentina (Kazakhstan) beats Batima Ezzahra Aboulatifa (Morocco)

Men: 54-57 kg Iozia Fransesco (Italy) beats Udin Asri (Indonesia)
63.5-67 kg Idigov Tarkhan (Russia) beats Oussama Rabii (Morocco)
63,5-67 kg Isgandarov Nabi (Azerbaijan) beats Samir Barouf Athoumani (Comoros).

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