Morocco: towards the reduction of the price of red meats

Great news for Moroccans. The price of red meat should finally drop. For about two weeks, prices had been soaring in all cities of the Kingdom, which had provoked the anger of consumers.

According to the Moroccan press, Morocco will soon receive a first batch of cows for slaughter from South America. It is also learned that the government, during the last Council, has considered ways to facilitate the supply of red meat to the national market.

It should be recalled that the weight requirement has been permanently removed to allow importers to supply animals for slaughter of various weights, with the aim of quickly supplying the national market.

The Council of Government had adopted a draft decree on the suspension of import duties on cattle to ensure a normal supply of the local market in beef and this, following the drought experienced in the Kingdom, the increase in feed prices due to the surge in prices worldwide, in addition to the increase in production costs of red meat, which has led to a decline in the supply of animals for slaughter.

This decree aims to overcome the obstacle of setting the weight of cows at 550 kg, emphasizing the difficulties that suppliers find, especially in some markets and countries that are far from the European Union (EU). It also aims to allow importers to access markets supplying large weights that will be destined directly for slaughter to cover the needs of the national market.

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