Fall of an infant from the 3rd floor in Al Hoceima

A father would have thrown his infant, female, two months old, from the window of his apartment located on the 3rd floor, Mirador district, in Al Hoceima. Arrested, he claims his innocence. He was kept in custody pending the completion of the investigation while awaiting the result of the autopsy to be performed on the corpse of the deceased and the investigations that continue to be conducted by the elements of the judicial police of the security of Al Hoceima and this, under the supervision of the Prosecutor General’s Office near the Court of Appeal of the same city. It was Saturday, January 28, morning, when this infant was evacuated by his parents to the emergency department of the Mohammed V hospital to be treated. Only the medical body noticed bruises on her body that seem to be due to violence. The parents of the girl gave them only one explanation, namely that it is a free fall of the girl from the window. An answer that did not convince the medical profession who alerted the police. The poor baby unfortunately gave up the ghost. The investigators favor the crime of assault and battery resulting in the death of the victim, especially since no one in the neighborhood witnessed the fall of the girl, nor noticed it. The investigation is still ongoing.

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