Truck driver arrested with over 5 kg of cocaine

More than five kilos of cocaine worth 3,500,000 DH were seized recently by customs officials at the port of Beni Ensar located a dozen kilometers north of the city of Nador.

Indeed, it was in the evening, around 21 h, of Monday, January 30, when a small cab on board which there was, besides the driver, a customer who was about to leave the port.

At the exit, a customs officer who noticed a load of food and cleaning products piled up in the trunk of the vehicle asked for an explanation of their origin. The taximan told him that they belong to his client. The latter, a driver of international road transport of goods (TIR), told the customs officer that they were only food and cleaning products for his small family. To be sure, the customs officer began to search the goods. He found a batch of 5.5 kg of cocaine hidden in a bag of detergent.

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