Would-be emigrants trapped by a gang in Morocco

We are in the criminal division of the Court of Appeal of Tangier. Prosecuted for criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, kidnapping, robbery, assault and driving a car while intoxicated, two young men, aged twenty-four and thirty years respectively, appeared Tuesday, January 31, under arrest.

These two young men and a third who remains on the run and actively sought nationwide by the elements of the police and the Royal Gendarmerie threw their lot with the dreamers of El Dorado, those who hoped to find themselves one day by any means to the other side of the Atlantic or the Mediterranean. The case broke out when a car with the driver and a young man on board hit an electric pole. The two young men were injured and evacuated to the emergency room of the hospital in Tangier for treatment. It turned out that the young man sitting next to the driver was a candidate for illegal emigration that he had to present to the leader of the gang supposed to facilitate the operation.

However, police investigations revealed that the motorist was not helping anyone to emigrate illegally, but that he is a member of a gang that targeted young people who wanted to emigrate to Europe or elsewhere. Indeed, it is a gang of three thugs, two of whom were in charge of looking for candidates for illegal emigration, haggling with them on the price of the operation and drive them, at night, on board their cars to a vacant lot located in Tanja Balia to present them to a third thug. At gunpoint, the latter kidnapped them and took everything they had on them, including money and cell phones, and left them at the scene of the crime. On the basis of the statements, the police officers of Tangiers managed to arrest the second suspect who confessed his complicity in these crimes while specifying that each of them, all three, pocketed their share of the cake. Verdict: Judged guilty of the charges attributed to them, the two suspects were sentenced respectively to 12 and 10 years of criminal imprisonment.

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