Doctor and 3 suspects in fatal illegal abortion case

In Inzegane, a doctor and three other people, including two women, suspected of being involved in an abortion case that led to the death of a woman were brought to justice on Tuesday, January 31, by elements of the judicial police under the district of security of the same city, a police source said. The case broke out when a woman who had just arrived in a very critical state of health at the hospital of Inzegane died. According to the medical staff who examined her, the death was the result of an abortion. Immediately, the police were alerted and an investigation was opened. It turned out that the abortion had been performed traditionally at the home of one of the two women arrested, through the intermediary of the second and at the request of a young man. As the procedure was complicated, the woman turned to her friend, a doctor with a medical practice. From his home, the deceased was evacuated in a very critical state to the hospital where she died.

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