A Moroccan kills his rival in love

Madly in love with a young girl, he never imagined that she would abandon him one day and moreover for another.

For the majority of defendants who appear under arrest before the magistrates of the criminal chamber of the Court of Appeal of Casablanca, claiming innocence is the rule. But this young man, aged thirty-one, prosecuted for murder, does not seek to exonerate himself. He confesses to his crime of premeditated homicide and ambush, knowing that he faces a heavy prison sentence. Indeed, the provisions of article 393 of the penal code stipulate that “murder committed with premeditation or ambush is qualified as assassination and punished by the death penalty” and that the confession is considered as the queen of the proofs. Aware of all this, he persists in confessing his crime that cost the life of his neighbor, aged twenty-two, and is ready to pay for it, he says to the court that asks him to explain how and for what motive he killed him.

 His story goes back three years when he got involved with a young girl who lives not far from his house. They were in perfect love. At least that’s what their neighbors noticed because they often met in front of everyone and seemed happy. They claimed they were engaged. However, in court, the respondent claimed that he had never asked her to marry him, but their love relationship was so strong that it resembled a marital relationship. Only, the behaviors of the lover changed a year and a half later. What happened?” he asks her. No answer. Worse still, without warning, she abandons him definitively. It is at this moment that he loses his head especially when he learns that she has maintained a new relationship with a young man, their neighbor of the district. He calls her on the phone – since she didn’t want to meet him anymore – to ask her for explanations. Her answer is clear: her new lover intends to marry her as soon as possible. A news which makes him furious. Immediately, he chooses a radical solution, namely to liquidate the young man who thought of marrying him. On the “D”
day, he armed himself with a knife and planted himself at the entrance of the street where the young man lived, waiting for his arrival. Around 8 pm, without addressing him the least word, he threw himself on him like a wild beast on its prey and started to riddle him with blows. He stops only once the neighbors intervene. Only, the irreparable happened already because the victim gave up the soul. The accused was arrested.

Verdict: Judged guilty, he benefited from extenuating circumstances and was sentenced to thirty years of criminal imprisonment.

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