The murder of a student in Sidi Bouzid solved 7 months later

It is only seven months after the discovery of the corpse of a university student at the rocky beach in Sidi Bouzid that the gendarmes have managed to clear the case by arresting a pimp, the main author of the crime and his two accomplices. We are Saturday, June 11, 2022. The body of a young man was found, in the morning, by local residents, at the rocky beach located at the level of the 5th tranche at the seaside resort of Sidi Bouzid under the rural municipality Moulay Abdellah and located 5 km from the city of El Jadida. Immediately, the elements of the Royal Gendarmerie were alerted to rush to the scene, make a report on the body and the scene, collect statements from witnesses and collect all objects found on the scene and that can help investigators to get their hands on the slightest clue allowing them to clarify the case. In fact, they found that the corpse is half naked, in other words he was wearing only a T-shirt, no pants, clotted blood on his head and left ear, a bruise on his left eye and a shoelace around his neck. The sweep of the scene allowed investigators to get their hands on an object considered valuable to the investigation, namely the deceased’s smartphone. While examining the phone calls, investigators noticed that the day before, Friday, June 10, the deceased had received several calls from a single number. Who does it belong to? Using the telephone operator concerned with this number, the investigators were able to identify the person who had the number through which the victim had received the successive calls. It is a woman in her fifties with an address in the douar El Menadla in the rural commune of Moulay Abdellah. When they went there, the investigators did not find her. In short, this woman disappeared without giving any sign of life.

 In the meantime, the expertise carried out on the fingerprints of the victim taken by the detectives of the technical and scientific laboratory ended with its identification. It is a young university student, aged twenty-two years, originally from Zemamra, pursuing his studies in the 3rd year English literature section at the University Chouaïb Doukkali in El Jadida and lived not far from the university campus, in the neighborhood of Al Ghorba, in the capital of the Doukkala region. It was necessary to wait more than seven months, in this month of January 2023, so that this woman, who turned out to be a pimp of her state, was arrested after having set a trap for her by the officers of the Royal Gendarmerie. Two other accomplices were also arrested: her lover and a cab driver.

 Under interrogation, she confessed to her crime, claiming that the deceased was her client. The last time, in June 2022, she called him to introduce him to a new prostitute who did not please him. He intended to get his money back so that an argument broke out between him and her, supported by her lover, a family man. Both of them managed to put an end to her life. After that, she called the driver of a small cab who took care of evacuating the corpse to the beach to abandon the body with the help of his two murderers. And the investigation is closed by arresting the murderer and her accomplices while bringing them before the Public Prosecutor’s Office near the Court of Appeal of El Jadida.

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