Tangier: the video of an assault makes the police react

The Tangier Police Prefecture quickly and effectively responded to a video posted on social networks on the morning of Thursday, February 23.

The recording in question showed an attempted assault and robbery in the Dar Mouigna district of the city.
The investigations conducted, which followed, revealed that it is a case of repressive jurisdiction, in the hands of the judicial police of the police district of Bni Makada.

And the investigation conducted on this case has allowed the detectives of the National Security to arrest the accused, in record time, in the afternoon of the same day of the publication of the video.

The individual, aged 18 years, was placed in custody for further investigation, under the supervision of the competent prosecutor general. And this, in order to clarify the ins and outs of this case of assault.
While the investigation continued to proceed to the arrest of another person, suspected of perpetrating the same criminal acts, too.

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