Maritime link: The Canaries hope to reopen the Fuerteventura-Tarfaya line

Torres’ aspirations are not new. In May 2022, during a session in Parliament, he had already stated that this issue would be discussed during his trip to Morocco, initially planned after the summer.
The restoration of the maritime line with Morocco will allow the Canary Islands to recover a market that operated for just over a year, between 2007 and 2008, and which had to be interrupted after the ship Assalama, which was carrying out the link, ran aground off Tarfaya, reports local media.
As a reminder, Ángel Víctor Torres announced on February 14 in the Parliament of the archipelago that his official visit to Morocco, initially scheduled for February 16 to 21, will be postponed to March 15 and 16 due to an “agenda adjustment” with Rabat.

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