Seismic risks: the Order of Architects calls for compliance with regulations

Architects seem to be taking the ongoing debate about seismic risk seriously. After the earthquake that devastated Turkey and Syria, the need to adapt construction to seismic risks is more vital than ever. In Morocco, the issue is taken seriously. In a note dated February 23, the National Council of the Order of Architects called on all engineers to respect the seismic regulations.   

“It is to remind all architects in the Kingdom that they must ensure compliance with the requirements of seismic construction for buildings and civil engineering works,” reads the letter, which looks like a warning.

The Order reminded architects of the obligation to “ensure that structural plans, technical details and written documents relating to any construction project are established by a specialized engineer licensed to practice, and approved by a control office.

These documents must meet the requirements of the seismic regulations, requires the Council of the Order, referring to the RPS 2011. The letter recalls that the architect must ensure that the specialized engineer mentions it on the various plans, details and documents required for any construction application.

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