Casablanca: 4 million tons of inert waste make elected officials dizzy

The City of Casablanca is still in need of a reliable solution for the disposal of inert waste. In a statement to the press on the sidelines of the ordinary session of this month of February, Moulay Ahmed Afilal, Deputy Mayor of the Council of Casablanca, responsible for the sector of cleanliness, explained that according to the study conducted by the Council, the stock of inert waste identified in Casablanca amounts to 4 million tons.

 In the same vein, the municipal official added that according to Law 28-00 on waste management and disposal, they are supposed to be disposed of in a controlled landfill of second class, but unfortunately, no classified landfill is still available to treat them.

 With a view to finding a permanent solution to this situation, which has raised the anger and concerns of Casablancans since 2018, the municipality has mobilized 150 MDH, in partnership with the Ministry of the Interior, for the temporary management of this stock, with a view to its disposal.

 The inert waste that will be dumped in the temporary quarry set up for this purpose, in the province of Nouacer, will also be subject to a tax of 10 DH / T, according to the tax decree previously approved by the Council.

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