Rabat: The Great Evening of Francophone Humor

Black humor, burlesque, absurd, parody… Find the best of French-speaking humor at the Grande Soirée de l’humour francophone.

They are Belgian, Moroccan, Quebecois, French or Swiss. In the French-speaking world, comedians are everywhere! What do they have in common? French, a language they love to play and divert, for the greatest pleasure of our ears.

Meet Mazine for Morocco, Réda Saoui for Quebec, Sofia Syko for Belgium, Lila Benchabane for France and Cinzia Cattaneo for Switzerland, five talented comedians who will make you travel and put your zygomatic to the test.

The French Institute of Rabat, in partnership with the Swiss Embassy in Morocco, the General Delegation of Wallonia-Brussels in Morocco, the Quebec Office in Rabat, offers you this exceptional evening!

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