Essaouira: Progress of the project of the City of Arts and Culture

The progress of the project of the City of Arts and Culture, a modern cultural infrastructure that will strengthen the indisputable international influence enjoyed by the City of Tradewinds and confirm its reputation as an intercultural crossroads par excellence, was at the heart of a meeting Friday of the steering committee ad-hoc.

 Chaired by the governor of the province, Adil El Maliki, this meeting was attended by the secretary general of the prefecture, the president of the local council of Essaouira, the team of architects, Moroccan and Brazilian (remotely), responsible for the implementation of this project as well as representatives of external services concerned, of the various stakeholders and authorities, was an opportunity to review the general planning of this large-scale project in view of the launch, in the coming days, of the construction work of this imposing infrastructure, which will be signed Oscar Niemeyer, the world-renowned architect who donated to Morocco and Essaouira the sketch of this future state-of-the-art structure.

 Speaking on this occasion, Mr. El Malki said that the installation of the site and preparation of the platform of the project will start on March 1, noting that all administrative procedures have been completed, while the technical studies and tenders are being finalized for their launch in the coming days, according to a schedule well defined.

 Highlighting the centrality of this meeting in that it comes in a “pivotal stage” of the project, the governor welcomed the professional and fruitful work done by the various stakeholders and their mobilization and their commitment to this project, whose convention was signed before His Majesty King Mohammed VI, sees the day in the best conditions.

 This meeting was an opportunity for the group of architects and the design office for the presentation of the general planning of the project, the preliminary design (APD) and the precise plan of execution of the tenders of the various phases, specifying that the effective start of construction of this structure which will serve as a lever for the territorial development of Essaouira, is set for next May, while the installation of the site is scheduled for next week.

 They also noted that the budget of the project has been respected, knowing that the end of the work of this modern cultural platform are scheduled for late December 2024.

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