Laayoune / Highlighting the prospects of Moroccan-Spanish relations

Speaking at an international symposium, which is part of the first edition of the “Media and Society Forum”, organized by the Moroccan Federation of Newspaper Editors (FMEJ) under the theme “the natural neighborhood and prospects of Moroccan-Spanish relations”, the journalists emphasized the new stage that opens in relations between Spain and Morocco, after the recognition by Madrid of the autonomy plan in the Sahara as the most serious and credible basis for resolving this artificial dispute.

 At this symposium organized in collaboration with the section of the FMEJ in the region of Laayoune Sakia El Hamra and in partnership with institutional actors, the speakers also stressed that this recognition goes beyond the geographical proximity, towards an economic and political rapprochement opening business opportunities for both parties in several areas, noting that both countries are full of potential and resources to raise the levels of economic cooperation.

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