A notary who embezzled money from his clients in Marrakech arrested in Agadir

A notary who was the subject of fourteen nationwide search notes and who was arrested on Friday, February 24, in Agadir, was brought before the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Appeal of the same city on Monday, February 27, by the elements of the Prefectural Judicial Police of the Security in Marrakech. Since he disappeared with millions of dirhams in his pocket, this notary has been the subject of complaints made by his victims either in front of his office in the Gueliz district, in the ochre city, or before the court of first instance. It was not until Friday, February 24 that he was noticed by a relative of one of the victims in the city of Agadir. Quickly, the victim’s cell phone rang and his relative gave him the good news while following the steps of the fleeing notary. Immediately, the victim alerted the police in Marrakech who contacted their colleagues in Agadir. And the notary in question was pinned to be taken to Marrakech.

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