Three police officers arrested on charges of forgery and violence

Falsification: Suspected of being involved in a case of falsification of minutes, voluntary violence against others and complicity, three police officers were brought on Tuesday, February 28, by the elements of the National Brigade of the Judicial Police before the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Appeal of El Jadida, we learn from a police source.

They are two police inspectors and a brigadier, said the same source who added that their arrest took place following investigations very thorough revealing that they would have falsified the minutes drawn up during the arrest in December 2002 of a person, aged forty-eight years. The recordings filmed by the cameras worn by two of the three policemen were one of the evidence against the three suspects, said the same source who added that they would have also violated the victim by using their firearms.
Recall that the victim who was a merchant of brandy, commonly known as mahia, had shown a fierce resistance to the police during an intervention carried out at the level of El Jazeera Mall, in El Jadida. Supported by a ferocious dog and armed with a knife, he attacked the police officers who only immobilized him once after firing bullets. He was injured in the lower limbs as well as his dog and a girl who was on the scene during the intervention.

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