Three anti-drug operations in one day in Tangier

Traffickers arrested and quantities of drugs seized in three separate operations, Wednesday, March 1, by elements of the prefectural service of the judicial police in Tangier, we learn from a police source. In the first operation were seized 157 kg of hashish hidden carefully in a truck of international road transport bearing false license plates. Its driver, a 67-year-old Spaniard, was arrested. In the second operation, 60 small capsules of heroin were seized and a young man of 29 years arrested, at the level of the district Ard Daoula, in the region of Beni Makada. Finally in the third was pinned a 27 year old criminal who was actively sought by the police and gendarmes of Sidi Kacem and Sidi Slimane for his involvement in several cases of trafficking in hard drugs and psychotropic tablets.

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