15 years in prison for killing his rival

Entertaining a love relationship with a teenage girl, this twenty-year-old did not accept that she was harassed by another young man. A fight ensued and the worst could not be avoided.

From the first question asked by the president of the Court, the criminal division of the Court of Appeal of Casablanca, this young man, aged twenty-one years, prosecuted under arrest for assault and battery resulting in death without intent to give it, exonerates himself.
 “It was he who hit his head against the wall,” he claimed.
 He claimed that the victim, a young man of twenty-three, tried to get him involved in a criminal case when he blamed him for harassing his beloved. However, witnesses testify that the respondent grabbed the victim’s head between his hands and began to hit her against the sidewalk. He did not release her until the victim was unconscious.

Witnesses testified that the respondent grabbed the victim’s head between his hands and began to hit her against the sidewalk.

The case dates back to February 2022, when the respondent had a romantic relationship with a teenage girl. No less than two months later, she revealed to him that the victim had harassed her when she was just out of high school. He asked her to stay away from his beloved. But he would not listen. He continued to follow her footsteps while asking her to have a romantic relationship with him. Not being able to bear it any more, the teenager asked her lover to intervene to put a definitive end to this harassment, otherwise she would go out with another who is able to protect her. Stung to the core, he goes in search of his rival but does not find him. Two days later, he meets him just next to the high school where the teenager is studying. They start to exchange insults and then punches. Nobody intervenes to separate them. At one point, the defendant manages to immobilize his antagonist, to seize his head between the hands and to hit it against the sidewalk. The students yelled as if they were encouraging him to go further. He only stops when blood pours from the victim’s head. An ambulance arrived a few minutes later and evacuated the victim to the emergency room and the perpetrator was arrested. The next day, the victim succumbed to his injuries.
 After the prosecution requested the maximum sentence and the defense lawyer pleaded for mitigating circumstances in favor of his client, the court found the defendant guilty and sentenced him to 15 years of criminal imprisonment.

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