Spain aspires to attract Spanish-speaking Moroccan students to Andalusia

To this end, Andalucía TRADE, through Extenda Andalucía Exportación e Inversión Extranjera, has organized a meeting between teachers and Spanish language schools (ELE) in Tetouan and Tangier (Morocco). Within the framework of this project – co-financed at 80% with funds from the European Union through the ERDF Plan of Andalusia 2014/2020 – Extenda held meetings and training workshops for 105 Spanish teachers in Morocco, 50 of them in Tangier and 55 in Tetouan.

Four Spanish schools from Andalusia -two from Málaga and two from Seville- participated in this meeting. During these meetings, they provided seven presentations, and also awarded four scholarships to stay in Andalusia and training courses for Moroccan teachers selected at random.

This initiative comes after the Spanish Embassy in Morocco issued reports of about one and a half million Moroccans who speak Spanish, including students who are growing in number. There are currently 82,000 students enrolled in various Moroccan institutions.

During the last High Level Meeting, the learning of the Spanish language in Moroccan schools, colleges and institutes was at the heart of discussions between the Moroccan and Spanish governments, who agreed to create bilingual sections in their schools.  

According to media sources in the Iberian country, Morocco is the Maghreb country where Spanish is taught the most. This language is offered in all sixteen regional academies of education and training.

Similarly, five of the country’s fourteen public universities have a Spanish department. More than 2,600 Moroccans study Hispanic philology in these five departments. 

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