The divorce rate has more than doubled in 5 years

At a press conference held Saturday, on the occasion of International Women’s Day under the theme “Mediation and Family Stability”, by the Moroccan Association of Women Judges, Aziza Handaz revealed that divorce cases in Morocco are increasing at an exponential rate, rising from 72,000 cases in 2016 to 126,000 cases in 2021.   
 At the same time, the speakers stressed the importance of strengthening mediation services as an alternative mechanism to resolve family disputes outside the courts, giving priority to dialogue and negotiation to preserve family relations.     It is
worth noting that these statements overlap with a number of reports mentioning that since Morocco adopted the new Moudawana in 2004, divorce cases are on the rise. According to official sources, divorce cases have increased from 7,213 in 2004 to 31,085 in 2009.

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