Moroccans stranded in Iraq: Countdown to long-awaited repatriation

It is a fruitful journey that has just completed the Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, who went to Iraq with the intention of ending the ordeal of Moroccans still trapped in prisons in that country. He won his case by signing a memorandum of understanding with his Iraqi counterpart in the field of justice. Although it is a simple declaration of intent, this agreement paves the way for a prisoner exchange mechanism as soon as possible. This is a welcome development for the families of Moroccans stranded in hotbeds of tension who are demanding the immediate return of their loved ones who are risking their lives in refugee camps and perilous prisons. Now that the Iraqi case has been resolved, the fate of the “repentant Daech” in Syria is still unclear due to the absence of diplomatic channels with Damascus.

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