Berrechid: Rains of hope for farmers

For weeks now, questions have been raised about the fate of the 2022-2023 agricultural season, as the water stress that has plagued the country over the past year still haunts people’s minds and fuels fears about the performance of national agriculture. However, the heavy rains recorded in February and early March in the province of Berrechid have brought joy and a breath of oxygen to farmers, reviving their hopes of achieving a good agricultural season.     

Some predict that this beneficial effect will also affect winter vegetables, which are grown on 5,000 hectares of land, with an emphasis on potatoes, onions and carrots.the recent rains have, thus, encouraged farmers to begin planting spring vegetables, the province of Berrechid contributing a significant share to the supply of vegetables to the national market.   

 The recent rains have encouraged farmers to start planting spring vegetables, with the province of Berrechid making a significant contribution to supplying the national market with vegetables. This rainfall will also improve the vegetation cover in pastoral areas and rangelands intended for fodder crops, which will relatively reduce production costs for livestock farmers.

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