Heritage: Moroccan-Jewish works of art join the Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv

A ceremony was held on this occasion, in the presence of the head of the Moroccan liaison office in Tel Aviv, Abderrahim Bayoud, as well as several personalities including Jacob and Rafael Peres, presidents of the Association Shirat Shalom (Hymn to Peace), which was created in commemoration of the memory of Rabbi Charles Shalom Peres to preserve the literary, artistic and musical heritage of Moroccan Jews.

This collection is composed of archival documents of Rabbi Charles Shalom Peres and his professional value as a teacher and leader since 1955. It gathers sound and visual recordings of parties organized by Sephardic Jews during the Shabbat vacations, as well as events of the daily life of Jewish communities in Morocco.

The collection also reflects the rich history of the Jewish community as part of the cultural heritage of the Kingdom of Morocco.

This project, which aims to preserve the memory and this rich heritage, is implemented in partnership with the “Khouya” project of the University of Cambridge under the direction of Vanessa Paloma, and in cooperation with the Association of Andalusian music lovers and “Dar El Ala” in Casablanca.

The project includes the creation of an interactive media library on the Internet that will make available to the public all the files.

In addition to the signing of the protocol of integration of this archive in the Museum, the evening was marked by a show of Moroccan music performed by the Orchestra of Andalusia of Peace under the direction of Maestro Baitan Moshi Luk.

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