CGEM Presidency: the Board of Directors validates the candidacy of Mr. Alj and Mr. Tazi for a 2nd term

The Board of Directors of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM), meeting on Friday, validated the candidacy of the pair, Chakib Alj and Mehdi Tazi, for a second term as President of the Confederation.

After having taken note of the report of the Electoral Monitoring Committee, established under Article 7.2 of the Rules of Procedure of the Confederation, the Board validated the candidacy of the pair, Mr. Chakib Alj and Mehdi Tazi, candidates for the positions of President and Vice President General respectively, which meets all the eligibility requirements provided by the Statutes and Rules of Procedure of the CGEM, said a statement of the Confederation.

This Board of Directors meeting was also an opportunity for Mr. Alj and Mr. Tazi to present the results of the 2020-2023 mandate, which was marked by an unprecedented global economic situation creating major challenges for companies.

The CGEM Presidency took the opportunity to thank all CGEM stakeholders – Federations, CGEM Regions, Commissions, Parliamentary Group and Internal Team – for their unfailing mobilization and commitment throughout this mandate rich in achievements.

The Directors have, in turn, congratulated and thanked the Presidency of the CGEM for the quality of work conducted, its listening, its pragmatism and its proximity to economic operators. Finally, during this Council, Mr. Alj announced that the CGEM received the resignation of Mr. Abdelilah Hifdi, Director of the Confederation, the Higher Council of Education, Training and Scientific Research.

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