French visas refused: call for testimony

Moroccans who have been denied a visa to France can now make their voices heard by sharing their experiences through a questionnaire posted online by the anti-racist group for the defense and support of foreigners and migrants (GADEM).

The trend of visa refusals for Moroccans traveling to France is causing associations to react. The anti-racist group for the defense and support of foreigners and migrants (GADEM) has launched a call for testimony regarding cases of visa refusal by the French authorities.

Thus, people who have already been refused a visa for France can now make their voices heard.

Through a completely anonymous online questionnaire, the association working for the respect of foreigners’ rights invites people who have applied for a visa for France in a French consulate in Morocco after September 2021 and who have been refused to talk about their experience.

GADEM wants, through this action, to understand the reasons behind the approval or refusal by the French consular authorities of visa applications to enter the Hexagon.

These testimonies will serve, according to the association, as a basis for strengthening the tools of analysis and advocacy that it wants to launch. As well as the measures implemented by France to impede the mobility of people from Morocco, in this case the restrictions on access and the reduction of visas to France, although remember, this decision was lifted last December.

As a reminder, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Catherine Colonna had announced during her last visit to Morocco the return to normal in terms of granting visas. In reality, the French consular services continue to refuse visas to some Moroccans, referring to the same restrictive justifications, thus causing a wave of indignation among Moroccans.

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