Legal cannabis: Delayed ignition of a sector waiting to hatch

A few weeks ago, the Moroccan cooperative Biocannat announced the imminent opening of the first legal cannabis processing plant in Morocco. A new step that confirms that this new project continues to move forward with determined steps. Since the announcement of the new orientation of the Kingdom in this field, several advances have been made to begin a transformation of the illegal and artisanal value chain of cannabis to a legal and organized model that focuses on the medicinal value of this plant. The question that could arise at this stage refers to the pace of implementation of this programmed conversion. “Contrary to what one might think, this national project is evolving rapidly in view of the constraints and specificities that condition it. Let us not forget that it took only a few months between the reclassification in December 2020 of cannabis by the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) and the final adoption by Morocco (in June 2021) of the law No. 13-21 on the licit uses of cannabis, “explains a source close to the case.

In October 2022, the National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis Activities (ANRAC) had issued the first 10 licenses to industrial and pharmaceutical operators, for the exercise of activities related to the processing and manufacture of cannabis products, their marketing and export. “From the moment the Moroccan State began the structuring of this new industrial ecosystem, the logical steps have followed, but we must not confuse speed and haste.

 It takes an average of nearly 24 months for an ecosystem of this kind to succeed, knowing that there are sensitive aspects that involve taking the time and legal precautions and standards necessary to allow strict control of this new sector, “continues our interlocutor. In this context, ANRAC has recently launched a study for the development of a strategic plan for the development of the legal cannabis sector. This roadmap has the ambition to improve the framework and the vision for this sector in the medium and long term

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