Avocado cultivation: a growing industry

The cultivation of avocado in Morocco is doing well, despite the great pressure on water resources.

“At the national level, the production of avocado has reached 40,000 tons. We came close to a historical record of avocado production, but we will surely reach it next season,” said Abdellah Elyamlahi, president of Morocco Avocado Association, reports the global portal dedicated to the food industry “FreshPlaza”. He added that these figures could triple by 2027 to reach 100,000 tons.

Behind these results is a significant demand, especially from the Netherlands, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and Russia, it explains.

Another element to consider, this agricultural season was also marked by a mismatch in prices. According to Elyamlahi, “Moroccan avocados have been exported at average prices of EUR 4/kg this season, whereas previously prices were as high as EUR 5-5.5/kg. This season, we have seen speculative behavior by intermediaries that has lowered prices, and that exporters should prevent in the future, “he said of the situation.

In addition, it should be noted that a joint commission has been established, including, in addition to the Ministry of Equipment and Water, the Ministries of Agriculture and Interior.

Several decisions have already been taken by this commission, including the cessation of subsidies to producers of avocados, citrus fruits and watermelons, in order to “preserve the water table since these crops consume water”, to quote Minister Nizar Baraka during his appearance at the MAP Forum, last Wednesday, February 15, on the issues related to water management in Morocco, including the problem of overexploitation of water resources.

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