Fez-Meknes: 22 defendants arrested for extortion

Two weeks after the arrest in Meknes of 14 defendants for extortion of funds in an organized gang to the detriment of itinerant merchants sowing indescribable terror, a vast net operation conducted by the regional brigade of the judicial police of Fez, in coordination with the Directorate General of Territorial Surveillance has once again resulted in the arrest of 22 suspects aged between 22 and 52 years for the same reasons. All the ingredients of extortion (Ztata) are implemented, violence, threats, moral and physical constraints in order to obtain, by force, a fee “Itawat” to be able to occupy a place in the market. 

 As a result, the merchants are faced with a terrible dilemma: pay or leave, and of course keep quiet at the risk of reprisals. 
 Apparently, some merchants found the courage to denounce these lawless people.  The intervention of the regional brigade, coordinated and simultaneous, took place in most neighborhoods of the city ismaïlienne, including Hamrya, Sidi Bouzekri, the historic square El Hédim.  The accused are caught in flagrante delicto of extortion. 

 The first elements of the investigation have revealed that these fees are paid by merchants, terrorized, periodically. A real system of “Ztata” set up to be able to carry out their commercial activities. 

 In addition to the various extortions, the accused exploited some public places to install illegal parking and extort money from citizens, drivers and professionals of public transport. 

 The accused are placed in custody, at the disposal of the judicial investigation supervised by the prosecutor’s office in order to clarify the ins and outs of this case which continues to move public opinion.

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