Marrakech: Promising 6th edition of the Gnaoua Show for the World Festival

This spiritual event dedicated to highlighting an ancient musical art, with the participation of Maalems of world renown, will take place in Marrakech from May 3 to 6. The announcement was made by the organizers, Thursday, at a press conference. 

 Planned in partnership with the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, and in coordination with the Local Council and the Council of the region, this festival will see the participation of more than 10 Gnaouis 
masters from different regions of the Kingdom. They will present with the Center “Nojoum Jemaâ El Fna” a series of performances mixing songs and dances, against a backdrop of beautiful rhythms and sounds, entering different corners of the city, such as the mythical square of Jemaâ El Fna and the place of November 16 called “Place El Harti”. 

 This cultural and heritage festival rich in color is also a real moment of reunion and exchange between thinkers, intellectuals, artists, experts in heritage and men of letters from several regions of Morocco. 

 Also, its mission is to contribute to the development of the Gnaoui 
art and to make its specificities better known, while working on its marketing at the national and international levels. 

According to the organizers, the previous editions of this festival have had the merit of being a great success locally, regionally, and even internationally by representing Morocco in the Colombian capital, Bogota, recalling that the art Gnaoui has been classified by UNESCO as universal intangible heritage of humanity. 

 The President of the Foundation Festival Marrakech Gnaoua Show for the World, Mohamed Knidiri, said that this new edition will be organized by two associations within the framework of the Foundation, noting that the purpose is to contribute further to promote the influence of this festival to raise it to the rank of major festivals dedicated to this art and heritage emblem. 

“This edition aims to put side by side the young artists and maâlems and those with great expertise in the field,” he said, noting that the purpose is to ensure the succession and perpetuate this art. He continued that this edition will be spread over four days against only two days in previous years, noting that the festival will invest several corners of the Ocher City. 

 To preserve this popular musical genre, the Association The Grand Atlas has sealed a partnership with the Association Hmitti for culture and artistic creation.  
For his part, the director of the Festival Marrakech Gnaoua Show for the World, Hassan Ait Hmiti, said that among the objectives of this musical event is the desire to preserve this art, especially with the departure of several maâlems.     
Following him, the artistic director of this Festival, Othmane Ait Hmiti, expressed his wish to see this festival enjoy more fame, attracting more maâlems both experienced and those still young.

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