Sefrou: Social caravan against the marriage of minors

The kick-off of the social caravan to fight against the marriage of underage girls was given, Monday in Sefrou, at the initiative of the Association Joubair for Rural and Environmental Development, in partnership with the prosecutor’s office at the Court of First Instance of the city. 

 The caravan, organized in cooperation with the Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Education, and civil society associations, aims to raise awareness of the risks of marriage of underage girls and reduce this phenomenon as a vector to address the school dropout. 

 Placed under the slogan “No to marriage of minors. Yes to enshrine their rights”, this caravan proposes to shed light on this phenomenon that takes girls out of their natural environment, which is the school, through awareness activities, seminars and theatrical performances. 

 On this occasion, a meeting on the marriage of minors was held for students of the school of the Second Chance, New Generation “Imam Ali”, during which it was stressed that this phenomenon “violates the rights of girls and deprives them of education, training and family protection. 
 In the same context, participants discussed the most important reasons that fuel the phenomenon of underage marriage, including cultural heritage, traditions, customs, vulnerability and poverty, adding that this type of marriage “makes them vulnerable to violence and divorce because they assume responsibilities that are beyond their abilities. 

 The president of the Association Joudair for Rural and Environmental Development, Mostafa Toudi, explained on this occasion that this caravan aims to reduce the phenomenon of underage marriage as an essential entry point to reduce the phenomenon of school dropout. He added that the province has, throughout the year, organized several activities and outreach campaigns in urban and rural areas to raise awareness of the need to allow children their right to school and enjoy their full rights until they reach the age of majority.

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