Rabat: TricintyFest, a 100% rock and metal festival at the Renaissance cinema

Organized at the initiative of the Hiba Foundation, this event follows the release of the second compilation TricintyMarock #2, dedicated to this musical register in Morocco. 

Moreover, this event stems from the Tricinty label project, which started with a radio blog show, then by creating a musical compilation of rock and metal bands, while supporting the formations that have produced an LP, an EP or a recorded single. 

“The adventure of the label started with the release of a digital version on Bandcamp followed by a record, made in Do It Yourself, limited to 300 copies,” recall the organizers, adding that “Tricinty the compilation, erects the resourcefulness, with the means of the edge, and the DIY as a symbol of solidarity and belonging to the community. 

The release of the second edition is marked by the concerts of four groups, three of which (Barathon Lane, Into the Evernight and Meteor Airlines) have benefited from the HIBA_Rec program, a recording and support project for the emerging scene, under the auspices of the Hiba Foundation.

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