Eric Ciotti to visit Morocco on May 3 amidst tension between Paris and Rabat

The leader of the so-called Republican right will travel to Morocco with an important delegation. “President Éric Ciotti, accompanied by a delegation of Republicans, will travel to Morocco from May 3 to 5. This trip reaffirms the attachment of our political family to the bonds of friendship that unite our two countries,” the statement said.   

According to the party of former President Nicolas Sarkozy, this visit “is part of the continuity of a rich history between the Cherifian kingdom and the Gaullist family, marked by the historical link that brought together General de Gaulle and King Mohammed V, companion of the Liberation. 

Eric Ciotti is visiting Morocco with the aim of renewing the dialogue between the two countries at a time when the silent crisis between Paris and Rabat seems to continue on the basis of several disagreements. The leader of the Republicans and deputy of Paris has been very critical of the policy of President Emmanuel Macron towards Morocco. He did not fail to accuse the tenant of the Elysee of having made a “drift” by leading bilateral relations to such an execrable state. 

“It is urgent to rebuild a relationship of trust with Morocco,” he pleaded in a tweet published on March 3, the day after the famous media release of a Moroccan source who told Jeune Afrique that relations “are neither good nor friendly. 

The announcement of this visit comes at a time when the issue of immigration is resurfacing in the public debate in France, knowing that the government of Elisabeth Borne has postponed the bill on immigration, due to the lack of a majority in the National Assembly. The support of the Republicans is considered indispensable for this. The migration issue could therefore be at the heart of the agenda of Eric Ciotti’s visit to Morocco, although the press release did not allude to it. This is all the more likely as the French right is known for its attachment to regalian issues.  

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