A Moroccan love affair that ends tragically

Crime of passion 
She has been in love with this young man since she was a teenager and he appears before the court. But her lover’s misplaced jealousy will cost her her life.

We are in the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal of Casablanca. In the dock stands a young man of twenty-four years, accused of assault and battery resulting in death without intent to give it. His victim is none other than his beloved, aged eighteen years. Indeed, their relationship goes back to two years when the victim was only sixteen years old. Madly in love with him, she did not imagine to separate from him one day. She even continued to meet him against the will of her parents who repeatedly tried to bring a complaint against him for misappropriation of a minor. Both shared the same bed to the point that she became pregnant. A new situation that changed their vision of their relationship. In short, they decided to get married as soon as possible. But everything would fall apart in a second.

Indeed, the two lovers met to take stock of what they had to do to finally be under the same roof. 
“I asked her to accompany me to a friend’s house to make love,” said the respondent before the three judges while adding that he also intended to discuss with her the preparations for their wedding night.

Indeed they went there. Afterwards, the respondent asked the victim to go for a walk in the Murdoch garden. A young man who was passing by greeted the victim. But the respondent starts asking her questions about this person. She answers that he is the lover of one of her friends. An answer which does not convince him. He asks her to leave. On the way, they continue to shout at each other. Out of it, he ends up giving her several punches and kicks. A few minutes later, she loses consciousness. She was evacuated to the hospital’s emergency room and died. The respondent was arrested and prosecuted for manslaughter. “
I did not intend to kill her, Mr. President, because I loved her and I still 
love her,” he finally told the court.
 Verdict: 20 years of criminal imprisonment.

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